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I know your all thinking "what the hell do you know, you dont know how I feel" and your right I dont. What I do know is that there are lots of people out there who are suffering alot more than we are.

You know I am the most pathetic whinger sometimes and I ask myself "why me god, why do I have this bloody acne" but you know what its that attitude which has held me back for so many years. I have a weak personality which became even weaker with acne but now slowly I am learning to deal with things and move on.

If only you people knew what type of messed up things have happened to me you'd think wow how the hell have you managed to stay sane and thats the lesson right there. I am still here, typing away and will continue to do so, the one thing I have is belief in God and he has put me through all of this for a reason and who am I to question that.

Next time you look in the mirror and think my face is terrible, just be thankful that you can walk, talk, hear, see and think. Some people dont have that privelage.

Now all I ask of you is to smile and have hope.

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all good and well to type theres loads more worse things that could happen but at the end of the day people are still gonna feel like shit and your acne is caused by oil glands, bacteria and other stuff i dont have a scooby about not God

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Guest tenshigirl25

yeah i agree..its not until u had an accident and actually became blind or deaf..u would think this way though..this is also life..we dont know what we have until its gone..we take things for granted, we have regret, we are selfish..acne is also painful to have..physically and emotionally..and i know things could be worse but the fact still remains we have acne and it hurts..so why compare 1 painful thing to an even bigger painful thing.

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Zamarano does have a point. Life is unpredictable, any moment of the day I, or someone I loved could fall down the stairs and have a spinal cord injury. Given, that's a dramatic example, and yes - everyone who has acne is entitled to complain and vent. I know how bloody awkward and painful it was for me to go into class with extremely prominent zits on my face whilst everyone else looks like they could have stepped off the cover of Vogue, but I didn't miss a single day of my classes because of this. And I couldn't let it stop me from going out and enjoying myself either. So I didn't.

So ultimately, everyone has a choice. You can pick whatever one you want, no one here is telling how to live your life. They're just telling you that you have a choice.

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