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Switching back to Acnefree

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I've used acnefree before i switched to the regimen. it's amazingly effective. i've use dan's regimen for over a month now. it's pretty good. no more breakouts.

the main reason i'm going back to acnefree is cuz it's actually cheaper than the regimen. for the regimen, i'll need:

- bp gel: $8.50 plus shipping (total $12 ish)

- Moisturizer thing ($8)

- Soap ($2)

to that's $22 right there.

acnefree just came out with a "club pack". 3 months supply for only $29.84 at Sams Club. It's massive! 8 oz Cleanser, 8 oz Toner, and 4 oz bp lotion. the box is massive too. that makes it less than $10 a month with no shipping!

IPB Image


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acnefree is just another one of those products where it works really well at first, then your skin turns back to shit. trust me, i used it for a long time. just use dan's regimen if you want to get clear.

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Ever heard of the boy who thinks he's being healed by a heaven sent but he's really not...

This is sorta the same thing.

You mentally assume its good so your body adheres to your mind. These things ultimately dont work for you.

Dan's regimen works because its created out of research not out of greed.

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i've never tried acnefree but if the regimen works for you, why switch back to something that probably won't work in the long run. 22 dollars a month really isn't that bad, especially for clear skin. i used to buy expensive products that costed me 200 bucks a set that brought me okay results. i'm so glad i found this regimen because i'm saving tons while achieving clear skin.

whatever you decide, i hope it works for you!


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well, i used both acnefree and dan's for about a month each. i used acnefree for a month with amazing results. then, after being a member here since like the 1st day i started using acnefree, i got convinced that dan's is worth a try. and it indeed is worth a try. but both gave me the same results over time. if u look at the ingredients, both products aren't that much different. i admit the toner is pretty useless though. lol

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Guest himrules89

Acnefree is pretty much proactiv in a different bottle. Proactiv does crap so the stuff with the same ingredients will also do crap. Stick with the regimen.I know there are rough spots on the road to clarity but dont give up hope.

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