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does whey protein cause acne or like protein bars with alot of sugar.. also i heard that milk does too

whey protein has small ammounts of cassein protein or however it's spelled. different brands use different ammounts. cassein protein comes directly from milk. for some people, dairy can be bad.

though, my face has been getting better, and i drink a shake with 2 scoops after i work out, and on off days i drink 1 scoop either right when i wake up or right when i go to bed. i also put a table spoon or so of flax seed oil in the 1 scoop shakes because it's supposed to increase testosterone production, and it's also really good for your skin.

if you notice the protein making things worse, stop. if not, keep using it because a protein shake after lifting hard is essential to muscle growth. after you work out, be sure to use water, not milk in your shake. water makes it absorb faster, and the faster you can get the much needed protein to your muslces, the easier it is for them to repair and grow.

with or without the whey protein, the exercise you're doing will help your overall health.

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Whey protein shakes shouldn't affect your acne whatsoever. There is only about 1 or 2 % lactose in it, which is very little (even if you're lactose-intolerant you could take whey because there is so little in it). Whey protein isolate has even less, so consider getting that. Also, you should be taking the same amount of protein everyday (food and supplements) because your muscles take around 48 hours to fully recover. Whey protein shakes have very little sugar, carbs, and fat; its just a protein supplement, nothing else. The bars, however, do have quite a lot of sugar and carbs too. I would recommend getting the shakes because its much cheaper in terms of protein amounts and theres no sugar in it. Also, you should be taking about 1 grams of protein daily times your body weight. For example, if you're 150 lbs and you bodybuild, you should be taking at least 150 grams of protein daily. Hope this helps, good luck.


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