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Kane N9ne

Good mostuirizers for regimen

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Ive been searching for a good moisturizer to use for Dans regimine but when i look at the 4 that are on the site the only good one seens to be the Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion, SPF 15.. I went to the store and they Only had Eucerin Daily perfecting lotion which is a green lotion that is suppose to help redness go away. Its an ok lotion i suppose but the bad thing about it is that it doesnt rub in no matter how little you put, your face stays with a Green tint.... When i went back to the store they didnt carry the Eucerin lotion Dan has on his site.

Ive been reading the reviews for the other 3 moisturizers and they say Neutrogina and Cetaphil causes cystic pimples and Purpose doesnt do anything...... I bought CETAPHIL daily facial moisterizer but i havent opened it yet because i dont want to get cystic pimples and to top it off not be able to return it .....

I have oily skin to begin with, and when i use BP my face can stand it without moisturizers, the only exception is an area around my lips and the crack on the left and right on my nose.

People say i should moisturize the whole face as well when using bp..

Does anyone know of any good moisturizers for Dans regimine? and if so where to get them? cause i know Eucerin is the one to choose but i cant find that one in a store and i cant order that online cause i dont have a credit card....= (

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quite a lot of people swear by complex 15 as an alternative.. hmmm there's Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion but the amoutn of AHA in it is higher than Eucerin's so you might not want to go for it if you have sensitive skin...

is SPF important for you?

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