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How to thin cheecks

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Hey there!

Im 17 years old, male, 5'10 and currently weigh 150 pounds more or less. Though my cheeks have gone down alot over the period that i lost weight, they are still pretty chubby.

I heard that alot of it can be water retention but i drink alot of water so I dont think thats the case. Are there any other PROVEN ways to thin out my cheeks?

There has got to be something lol it seems like you can find the cure for cancer on this board.

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Yeh thats what my mother said. She said that everyone on her side has big cheeks until 21...

O well lol

But i wanted to know if there is anything else i can do.

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1) im a guy

2) Im 17 and even if iw as older li wouldnt get lipo. My body will still store fat and water in my cheecks so i dont think its a solution

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Based on what you're saying, that your mom says that the cheek chubbiness has historically gone down in family members at age 21, you will likely see similar results, as long as you don't gain excess weight. This is no guarantee or anything, but it is a pretty good guess based on a couple of factors:

1. One thing that has been shown scientifically is that puberty is a state of "temporary insulin resistance". This is necessary for growth hormones to kick in to give the growth spurts of teenage years. It is also tightly tied into the other hormonal fluctuations of puberty (the sex hormones, the ones that give the expected male and female feature development). This insulin resistance may also explain the higher incidence of acne in teenage years (yet it doesn't explain all types of acne and not all adult acne, so there's more to this mystery; but getting side-tracked).

2. Another thing that is a pretty decent hypothesis we could form based on your mom's description is that one of your family characteristics during teenage years is the chubby cheeks, which later go away. So likely, in your family, one of the areas of fat that is responding to this temporary insulin resistance is cheek fat. Once your body hormones reach a stable level, the fat pads will then most likely recede (again, assuming you have not otherwise gained excess weight by that point, since one area the fat could still distribute would be in the cheeks).

Does this help?! Don't fret, sweetie. I'm sure you're very handsome just the way you are, even if the cheeks stay pinchable (comment coming from an older woman in her 30's)! I'm sure you have a lot of girls swooning regardless, young slim guy that you are! :whistle: Stay healthy and fit and be proud of your looks. We're all unique, so each of us is a gem in this world.

Cheers, Roxy.

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Hey thanks for the encouragement!

Seems to me that you know what your talking about.

Hopefully they will recede... if not ill have a baby face for ever! lol!

Mabe ill grow a beard ;-)

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