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Wrinkles and Pimples

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I am a new member who was directed to your site from my favorite political forum. I find that the Regimen seems to be filled with solid, practical advice based on my 25-plus year battle with acne.

I will use another occassion to deliniate my entire skin battle. I want to get to the meat of my question: How to adjust the Regimen for the members over 35 years in age who are battling wrinkles as well as pimples?

Here is the scoop. After using Accuate very successfully a fifteen years ago, I had been following this course, which worked until 3 months ago:

* Wash Face (Clerasil with Trisiclosan).

* Wipe with Toner (gentle Loreal or Neutragena variety).

* Proactive

* Neutragena Moisturizer

* StriVectin around eyes.

My doctor and I both suspect I am entering peri-menopause, which is altering the hormones a bit. Subsequently, I am off all oral contraceptives. I have been following the Regimen for 3 days (essentially the main changes from what I have done are the gentle cleanser is used, there is no toner, I am putting 3 times for BP on than I have before, I am using the Neturagena On-the-Spot brand, and my application technique is substantially gentler). I am very pleased to see that some of my problem areas are adjusting well. My main questions are:

* How long should I cotinue with the 2 time a day treatment for BP??? My skin is drier, which is OK. But I would like to cut back to one time BP a day ASAP.

* Are there anti-wrinkle or other skin care products for older skin that have been used successfully for members on this board?

Thanks for any and all advice.

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hi there and welcome to the forums!

I am 35, and I use the Regimen twice daily, but what I use to combat wrinkling as well as exfoliation is to use a moisturizer that has some glycolic acid in it. There are many available otc, the one I like at the moment is Anew Advance All-in-One Max by Avon. You can also consider Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion, but it is pretty strong AHA, probably only use once daily if you decide to give it a try, start slowly with it.

I use the Purpose bar, Neutrogena on-the-spot and Dan's bp gel (just recently got some to try), and then my moisturizer.

I still use it twice a day, even though I am on month 8 now, simply because I am paranoid of breakouts, but I do know some people who have successfully dropped the bp to once daily and done okay.

Anyway, the Regimen can be used for us in the over-35 group, but if you want to fight wrinkles too, just look into something aimed for that, that is oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Good luck.

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