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Regimen at college

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I have a question for everybody who uses the Regimen and is in college--

When it was your freshman year and you had to share a bathroom with your whole floor, how did you go about applying the Regimen? Did you just put it on in front of everyone in the bathroom or what?

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I am in college (not in dorms though) and I just started but if I lived in the dorms I would wash my face and do the rest back in my room. Although w/out a skin in the room it would be a pain to wash your hands, but I would want to do it in my room. I don't apply anything to my face int he bathroom (skincare, makeup) except for cleansing. So i would cleanse, go back and wait (maybe not touch anything so you don't need to go back adn wash hands) then apply BP. Then wait and wash your hands in the bathroom..then back to apply moisturizer.

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i'm not in the dorm but my situation is kinda similar cuz the mirror in my bathroom broke and i apply the stuff in my room where there's a mirror. i just make sure that i wash both hands well just before leaving the bathroom, and if i need to touch anything (eg. doors, bottles), i'll use my left hand so my right hand is completely clean for the regimen.

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i'm in dorms and i have no problem with using the regimen here. i basically wash my face in the bathroom and go back to my own room to apply the bp gel. i then use a wet piece of napkin to wipe the bp off my hands. i would go to the bathroom to wash my hands but it's so far away from my room. :doh: then i apply the moisturizer. of course, i also wait 15 minutes between every step.

only my roommate knows my whole routine and i assume your roommate's okay with you applying stuff to your face right? just because you live in dorms doesn't mean that they will all know your stuff. :angel:

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