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Noredol - for redness, acne and rosacea

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Not sure if it also heals red marks but does anyone know what are the ingredients in this new patent pending product? According to their website, it does not contain BP or SA.

IPB Image

I read a little more on the website link you provided, and it says under "about noredol" that it contains compounds from mint leaves. Hmmm...

whatever it is, it's really expensive!

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They sent me a free sample :) How nice of them. I will start using it right away.

.5 oz of their product.

Very professional looking :) I will let everyone know anything I can about it (although an amount this little is too small to report results probably)

Great! How did you get free samples? Did you email them? It would be nice if Acne.org can get free samples or discounts from these companies since board members here are good testers. In fact, some forums actually get discounts and free samples like Menessentials.com and Essentialdayspa.com to name a few.

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I did get a sample from them. It's a very small sample that I was able to use for a week. I'm not sure if that's enough to give you results but may have somewhat help or it could just be my imagination. I don't want to provide conclusive results so I don't think it did any good or any bad on my skin. I'm neutral on it because it's nice on the skin and it doesn't smell at all. One probably has to give it at least 2-4 weeks to see results and I'm using it to get rid of the hyperpigmentation left by acne more than treating the acne itself. You can always ask for a sample and have another friend ask for it too so you can have 2 and test it for 2 weeks. If it doesn't work, well you didn't lose any money from it. Right now I am on a clindamycin-Differin regimen and wash my face with Hibiclens.

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I used this for about 5 weeks....Do not buy it. It's very expensive and did absolutely nothing for my acne, it did however make my skin feel greasy lol. But everyone is different,so it could work for someone else I guess.

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