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Ok, here we go. I believe proactiv is a scam. however, i must say they got one thing correct. that is the bp repait lotion. it is probably the best in the market.

i am suffering from acne at age 33 and trried everything nothing is working write now. i have read this board and see some of the moisterizer Dan recommend. however, i have my reservation on them as they all seem to contain oil from the porduct they are made off.

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ok... so what are u saying??

btw, some people think proactiv is a scam because it irritates them, or they don't notice results after 2 uses. lol

i've used acnefree (alternative to proactiv). it's basically the same, but with 2.25% bp in the cleanser, alcohol in the toner, and 3.5% bp in the repair lotion. it completely cleared my acne in 3 days. but just my acne, not my red marks.

try not to generalize without facts

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lol....thier bp percentage is i tihnk abt the precise one that dan recomends us...but i tihnk there is still something in the ingredient that cause our acne to pop out again....then we'll haveto buy more proactive kits

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well, that's the same with dan's. he wants us to keep buying his bp gel to keep the acne from coming up again. what's so different bout proactiv?

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Like most good treatements, it worked on my forehead, not on my cheeks. The glycolic acid (I think that's what caused this) really changes the tone of the skin. At least the skin on my forehead...but as far as the rest of my face is concerned, it didn't really do much, although it MAY have lessened the breakout rate a little bit.

Still, my main beef with them is I joined the "clear skin club" AND THEY NEVER SENT ME A SECOND BATCH. I contacted them, and they gave me this BS about how it hadn't been 60 days and I was supposed to be receiving a new supply sometime in early September...well, it's almost November, and still nothing. :doubt:

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