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Hey papines, thanks for your information regarding this product.

Although I'm highly skeptical about seeing any results with it, I figured for $29.00, $43.00 w/Shipping I'll at least try it. I'll try to post in this thread in say Mid-January with my results.

I think a lot of people who read through this entire thread are curious and hopeful this product might work for them. I think this product's on to something with the mite thing. I've often asked derms what that tingling feeling is and they never have a good answer. Usually they say it's caused by dryness. When I tell them my skin is oily they say it can also be caused by oiliness. Oh how convenient. All other products I've tried never take this approach.

Also, if this product really does work, the only way it will build a reputation is by more work of mouth. Although I'm not usually one of the first to try every new-fangled product that comes along, I'll volunteer myself this time.

Just bought a tube of this stuff.


Like I mentioned I'll post my results with this product sometime in January to give others who might be interested in trying the stuff a 3rd party perspective.

Good luck to me.

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Most people (96 - 98%) carry demodex mites. Most people do not have acne, especially not bad acne. The connection is therefore weak at best.

Yes, some papers show that they might be a contributing factor. Never has anything close to causation been established, to my (admittedly limited) knowledge.

The page you linked to says this at the top: "Adolescent acne is for 90% caused by Human Demodex mites, Demodex Folliculorum & Brevis, adult acne forms, acne rosacea, some other kinds of rosacea, brandy nose, widened large pores, itching face and scalp, itching eyelashes and eyebrows plus other demodex related skin problems."

If there was conclusive evidence that 90% of acne was related to these mites, then you'd think other people would know about it . . .

You used the ZZ cream? Is that the "Zhongzhou Zinc oxide and Sublimed sulfur ointment"? If so, yeah, it very well might have helped your acne. Sulfer's well known as an acne treatment. The fact that it worked doesn't mean it killed any mites. (And even if it did, that's not necessarily the reason it worked.)

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Guest Mish Mosh

oh no.

not those blooming mites again !!

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Why the fuck is there so much fucken advertsing on this demodex solution by these assholes.You dont see Dan going on the demodex solution forum and whoring his product like a cheap trick, now do you.Okay, you want to help people, that justifiable, but do you have to post link after link after link.We all know DS has worked for you.Big whoopee.Have some consideration for members of this board as they DO NOT want to see so much unwanted spam.

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OMG. I was wondering who brought this thread back from the dead. The ghost of Papines walks!

Don't worry, kingbob, Papines left the boards awhile ago ...


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