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Hi Everyone...I went yesterday for my second trip to the spa I went to last month....this was my second microdermabrasion and I cannot tell you how good/more smooth the texture of my skin is! That doesn't take deep scars away but it does help refine your skin...make it look nice and smooth and has given me a good texture.....Last time I went I had Lam Probe done and had good results. This time I had a new technique called Cryoprobe done....if you do a search on it you will find a lot of info on how it is used in place of invasive surgeries for all kinds of things...basically it is suppose to take any abnormal color out of your skin including tatoos......they only wanted to do certain spots on my face rather than the whole face but my friend who went with me will need to have her whole face done so it is different for everyone....it is relatively painless....a little stinging maybe but nothing bad (and I am a WIMP :D ) And it defintely hurt much less than the lam probe! The area done will first swell, turn darker and then fall off leaving you with a better look...this takes about 3 weeks...so far the swelling has happened and gone down a lot but is still there and the areas are darker I am not wearing makeup for the next 2 days but they said if I absolutely needed to I could...the only maintenance I am doing is cleaning my face as usual with a milky cleanser and then applying witchhazel (my new best friend :shock: ...I love withchhazel!) after that dries I apply a neosporin cream and that's it...I have been using the cream that contains pain relief and have not felt the itching I was feeling which is a sign the skin is trying to heal yeaa =) basically I am just posting this so I can come back and give you all an update in 3 to 4 weeks....I was very happy after the lam probe and the neosporin routine has REALLY helped with red marks...in fact when I went this time I only had 2 places that were still red and the lady who did my session (who is also the owner of the place) said they are actual keloids (or scar tissue) so would probably need 2 more treatments....which is not a problem...I absolutely LOVE going, it is such a relaxing experience and I know I am going to see results, it cost 230$ and was worth every penny! It includes a great facial and massage....I am already very happy with my results from my last visit so I am anxious for the time to go by and see what results from this....incidentally while I was there Gabrielly Gateris (spelling???) Andrea from 90210 walked in and was waiting for the same lady who had just finished with me! I knew the place was good but that sealed it in my mind O:) If anyone is in the Los Angeles area email me and I'll give you the info about this place....It is a 45 minute drive for me and is totally worth it!

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