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Regimen of Hibiclens and Persagel

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This is the first time since I joined this site that I've been clear more than two weeks, so I figured I'd post about it. I tried alot of different things until I started noticing results. I've tried Persagel, Panoxyl 10% soap and BP, CVS 2.5% BP, PHisoderm's PH20 wash and moisturizer, Clearasil BP wash, and steaming. What is working now is Hibiclens, Persagel, and a fingernail brush for exfoliating.

Persagel was the first thing I bought. It cleared me up in a couple days but my skin was scaly and beyond dry. I washed with an exfoliator pad to help with the flakes. It helped but I decided to try Panoxyl's BP.

Panoxyl 10% BP sat on my face ike a lotion and wouldn't continuously work. The soap was very drying.

CVS 2.5 % BP didn't help at all. I broke out all over the next day.

PH20 seemed like a good product, but I felt like I was doing too much. Same thing with the Clearasil BP wash.

Steaming was just a hassle.

I finally bought some Hibiclens after hearing so many good things about it on this site. I also bought Clearasil BP wash to remove my makeup. I bought a fingernail brush for exfoliating and a soft facial brush to help remove makeup. I had also decided to go back to Persagel because it worked so well before. Before I got a chance to make this my regimen, me and my boyfriend had to rush to Texas for his Gramma's funeral. I happened to be very clear that day, but I was very stressed out meeting his family for the first time plus I had to sleep in their spare bedroom. I immediately started my new regimen because I'm so embarrassed about my acne. I'm 25 and have quite a few scars from battling with it since I was 12.

I stayed clear the whole week I was there and have been clear ever since.

I dropped the Clearasil wash for a light lotion cleanser only because I figured I didn't need it. I was right.

The regimen that has been working for me very well since the start of September is as follows:

Lotion cleanser to remove makeup. If I don't wear it I just skip to the next one.

Rub face down with fingernail brush. Especially on my nose and in the creases of it. I have very clear pores because of this. It also makes my skin very soft and it doesn't get tight from the BP.

Rub in enough Hibiclens to cover my face, then use soft facial brush to make a lather. I don't use much water...that's why I get a lather instead of it just running off.

Pat face dry with a towel

Apply Purpose SPF 15 lotion to eyes and nose and also jawline

Apply Persagel all over face...avoided underneath the eyes. Those suckers swell up in the morning.

I've had clear skin from this EXCEPT when I tried an anti-itch shampoo. I got 3 bumps on my forehead but they went away quickly. My skin is very soft and I have almost zero oil.

I don't always do this twice a day, but I try to. When I don't I notice my nose and beside my nose starts to clog up.

I'm not even breaking out when I expect to like before and during my um, period. I didn't get a hormonal breakout last month or this month. It's unbelievable because that's when my face is the worst. I've never gone over two weeks without a breakout and now it's been two months.

Occasionally I will find a clogged pore....not a blackhead, not a whitehead. I don't know how to explain.

I had three cysts when I started and unfortunately they are still there but dead. I guess the pus in it has jellied and they might not go away unless I find away to remove that stuff. They are flat though and losing color. One tried to come back full force but has died down again.

For some reason, my red marks are fading fast. I used to wear concealer all over. I hate foundation. But recently it's taking me about two seconds to apply concealer. I feel extremely comfortable without makeup now, but two months ago I had bright red marks EVERYWHERE on my face. I think everyone I know has commented on how great my skin looks at least once.

I haven't used any things for fading. No glycolic or salicylic acid. I guess time is all I needed.

Well, that's it.

I hope you all find something that works.

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Another month has passed and I'm still very, very clear. I haven't changed my regimen, but I did start applying Neurtogena Swiss Formula hand cream to my eye area. It has really helped with the wrinkles and dryness.

I still have quite a few scars, but the superficial ones don't seem as bad. I'm thinking it's the excess exfoliating I do with the nail brush and time, of course.

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Here are some pics. None of the red marks are active, btw. They are either old cysts or scars. Just wanted ya'll to see that I really did have acne and quite a few damn scars. Just click on the pic to get a closer look.

IPB Image

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Well, I've been offline for awhile and just wanted to tell everyone that my skin is still clear BUT I have to use both Hibiclens & Clean n Clear because I tried using one or the other and broke out. Also, I can't get lazy and only wash my face once a day because I start breaking out the very next day. If I don't use the nail brush, my skin feels tight and looks flaky.

My skin continues to look amazing as long as I'm strict with this regimen.

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