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I'm trying something new today...

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ok i know its been said a million times but if any of you guys are like me you spend hours looking at the mirror analyzing every spot...every time i go to the toilet and wash my hands i look up in the mirror and cringe (even though i know its not that bad) its an obsession ...so today i didn't look, aside from the morning wash every other time including when i went to the public toilet i didn't look at the mirror i can still feel the spots i know the ones around my nose are not getting much better but i haven't looked so what i don't know know won't hurt me...and its working, tomorrow i will try the same thing and then maybe in awhile if i look at my skin after sticking to my new routine of washing with spectrojel than putting a thin layer of jojoba oil maybe it will look good enough to appear with my sister in her wedding pictures (yes she is getting married in a week which is why i'm obsessing)...its a fairly simple routine but i have no money and need to keep it cheap! :whistle:

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today was awesome, i didn't think about it once, every time i went to the toilet i hurried up and washed my hands without thinking about looking and when i went to a friends house because i hadn't seen my face i didn't think it looked horrible...plus its stopping me from picking at the spots which will finally let my face heal, if your anything like me, if i see a spot i have to pick and than when i pick i put something on it to make it heal which means i'm constantly at my face, sticking to something simple like washing with a mild clenser and using jojoba oil is i think (i hope) letting my face know that i'm not bothering it anymore...good luck let me know how it goes for you!

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go to your derm and get the pimples injected. Then they'll be gone by the wedding. or at the very least you'll have mild pink marks that you can easily cover with light concealer :)

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now i have a new situation...god i feel like a science experient! i don't have any raised spots, but around my chin and nose i have tiny little white spots but they are not popable and not raised at all, what is this? i don't think i can go to the derm and get injections because they don't seem to be active spots...any advice would be great will they go away is it just because i've stopped using the natural soap and my ph balance is returning to normal or is the jojoba oil doing something...ahhhh!

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