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Accutane and Blood Shot eyes

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I have been on tane for about a month and I noticed my eyes are blood shot. They also feel really dry. It says in the packet if you have darkening or yellowing of the eyes to stop. Today my friend out of no where said they look yellow. I called the doctor and she said it was normal but keep an eye on it until it gets really bad. Does anyone have the blood shot eyes? I look like I am stoned or something.

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Hey :)

Yeah, i have bloodshot eyes, too..not as noticable anymore, though. I'm always checking my eyes for yellowness..apparently it';s a sign of jaundice, which relates to liver damage (i think). I'd keep an eye (haha) on it, darl..actually, i'd prob ask a dr about it just to be on the safe side. Not sure why our eyes are bloodshot, but have been on 'tane for 7.5 months & am not sick or anything (that i'm aware of :eh:)

Take care!

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yeah just put eye drops in... after about 2 weeks it fades away... and unfortunantly u get sorta bags under your eyes... i had the same problem. Severe red eyes. anyways it goes away.. just make sure u put lots of eyedrops in.

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