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Christina ~

Ready for something new

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Wish me luck everybody.

I have a nasty little rash under my left eye...and i'm continuing to break out so i'm off to the derm today and i'm really demanding a solution. Something...ANYTHING to help. I'm not severe enough for accutane (this i know) so i'm hoping a supplemental treatment might be prescribed.

currently i'm on:

200mg of Minocycline per day

Diane 35

Benzamycin Gel at nighttime

Dalacin T (clindamycin) for my forehead

and i've been taking Asprin too..just because maybe it might help with inflammation

but i've seriously had it. I need a solution. NOW.

I'll post when i hear back from the derm...

wish me luck that this time i'll get a solution that WORKS.

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well, went to the derm yesterday. Cleared the rash righ up with some cortisone cream :) and zapped all the little pimples i hate right out of existance (my face feels nice today)

My derm set me up on Spiro which really freaked me out at first because i wasn't sure about the whole potassium staying in the body type deal...but i'll be starting it tomorrow i think :) i was told there would be no initial breakout...is that true?


i'm also on minocycline and Diane 35

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