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Derma e scar gel

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Hi everyone,

I bought some Derma e scar gel at a health food store after reading better reviews than Mederma's--and it's less expensive. I know that topicals don't do alot for formed scars, but can improve them--especially newer scars--with diligent use. This says 3 to 5 times a day which I don't have a problem with because I'm not wearing makeup right now. I just finished Accutane yesterday. I never scarred before Accutane and I would say my oldest scar is two months old. Has anyone had luck with topicals on scars that are a month or two old? I am not expecting much for icepicks, but I have wider, flatter scars that are just barely indented. Maybe these can be helped? Please let me know what products you've had luck with for newer scars if you have, or if you've heard of or used Derma e's scar gel. I have sensative post-Accutane skin, so I can't use any abrasive methods for months. thanks!

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Aren't Mederma and Derma e scar gels for reducing raised scars not depressed ones? If your scars are depressed and new I would definitely not use that stuff cause it might prevent the collagen from forming to fill the indented area.

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Really? Oh no. so you think i'm better off not using it on newly forming scars? Oh, I'm so confused. I've used it three times already today. I hope I haven't done too much damage. But maybe derma e is different than Mederma in that way. Please let me know all you know on this new scar formation / use of topical subject IDBNS2 or anyone else. Thanks!

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