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Acne Severity Quiz

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Do you have mild acne or severe acne? Why does it matter how severe your acne is? What you use to treat your acne is determined, in a large part, by how severe your acne is. In many cases mild acne can be treated with over-the-counter medications, but those same medications may not be effective against severe acne. Use this quiz to find out how severe your acne is, then get tips on the best way to treat your acne.

Visit http://dermatology.about.com/library/nosea...everityquiz.htm to take the quiz.

Im not so sure i should believe this site, it has a poll that 33-38% of people said sex and masturbation cause acne, how is that possible?

That is the dumbest quiz

I purposely filled in "no ____ on my face" for every question and it still said i had mild acne. No bumbs, red marks, scars, blackheads or white heads is classified as mild?

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Mild acne for me?

is that good>\

whats the lowest one

Well I guess I got moderate. It's mainly scars. Has anyone tried this Vilantae (d-calcium Pantothenate)? Has a link at the bottom of quiz. Says that it has the best results of anything oral short of accutane and it's all natural. Just seems like a shit load of pills but I'd try it I guess.

Moderately severe? and somewhat accurate.

what does this mean exactly. Sounds bad to me. My face is bad for like 2 weeks of the month, and the other two I'd say only moderate although I have so many clogged pores. Nothing is seeming to help with those too much. Not even exfoliation.

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Dumb question: how on earth do you estimate how much of your face is covered in acne? Are we talking surface area ratios here? To have even 10% of visible skin covered in acne is an awful lot, let alone 25%.


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