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What is my derm giving me? Rentin A?

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Alright, Im a lil pushed for time so Im wondering WHAT IS THIS THAT MY DERM IS GIVING ME? lol he rushed me out fast (im always in a rush it seems!) so i dont really know.. this is 2 creams right? are they bad and have ab ad rep? or good? I also have some pics of my current acne (not as bad as the past but its starting to big me)





only BAD one at the moment is between eyes. Its liek a fusion of 4 warlords of pain in my skin! aside from that.. symetrically on both cheks theres one that always comes back, little stuff all over that comes and goes, and forhead is just starting to buble up with red heads. no whiteheads, just redness!

only possible cyst is between eyes by the way.

Offer any advice you can! I dont know what the derm gave me and I dont know how bad I have it.

(ive rried the regimen for a year - not working)

Everynight I use neutragena deepclean exfoliator and every night and morning i use neutrogena combination skin moisturizer (sensative skin one was WAY too oily)

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It is a topical retinoid, in which it normalizes the skin shedding cycle, and unclogs all your pores. It usually gives an initial breakout, but keep using it for a couple to few months and you will see good results. I recommend using something antibacterial as well, (use bp only in the morning, never retin a and benzoyl peroxide together), and you will see that antibacterial working as well, as retin a will allow things to penetrate your skin better. Btw your acne is not bad at all, you will definitely get clear soon, definitely add something else in the mix though.

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Your acne doesn't look too bad.

The cream might work for you.

when I first went to my doctors, he gave me that stuff too.

and all it did for me was dry my face out like crazy and made me break out more, I used up the hole tube and I didn't see an inprovement at all.

that stuff REALLY dries up your face. but it might work since your acne doesn't seem to severe.

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