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hi! new here. pictures of scarring/red mark.

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1st sorry for bad english! :D

i have been reading these forums for while now and i been looking to find my scar/red mark.

these are red marks i have had for now a long time

suggestion for removing these? i purchesed "glycolic acid 35%" but not used it yet.

many thanks!

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thank you all for replies.

would "glycolic acid 35%" help with these red marks?

thank you much.

Very much so, have you used peels before? If you haven't, I wouldn't start that high, something lower would do you skin better then work your way up.

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ok so from using this acid two time already, here is another picture.

i can see a little improve on the red marks. how do you think this progress is???


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i took another picture. my red mark seems to have been showing more lightness when compared to last picture.

i have been using this "methyl sulfonyl methan" for my small face scars. it has helped much with the "shallow sunk" types of scars. i see improvement in around 20 days.

evening shower: wash face with facecloth, then put on "neutrogena acne wash", face dry, nothing after

morning shower: shave, wash face wiht facecloth with "cetaphil skin cleanser" then put on sunblocker "coopertone waterbabies spectra 3, 50spf, non-comedogenic, oil-free"

i am tryign to keep less chemicals off my face. last "glycolic acid" i had was 3 weeks. i should do another.

i wll keep updates here in this forumpost.

oh yes, on my face these are only redmarks i have is neck/jaw surface

thanks bye

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