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Any Good Combinations Here?

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Ok, so Ive been using clindapak indifferen creme (not sure of the %) prescribed by my dermy for over 3 months now... Worked at first, then had a severe breakout and hasn't worked since. So today I went out to shoppers and bought these 3 things.

  • Benzagel 60g; BP 5%
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (salicylic acid 2%)
  • Vaseline Intensive Care (Pro-retinol & spf5)

I know i shouldnt mix the salicylic acid and the BP, but I figure with the vaseline I shouldn't get too much irritation, am I right?

Also, should I keep using my prescription? It's used as an exfoliant, and I only use it Tuesdays and Thursdays (sometimes on the weekend when I'm seeing worse results then the week before). All suggestions are welcome, I'm probably going to at least use the BP and moisturizer tonight and just barsoap until I get suggestions (or w/e :D )

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Don't put body moisturizer on your face. I checked the vaseline website and I'm assuming you are refering to the renew and protect? If you have pores that clog at all easily don't use it. I know it's gobs cheaper and lots of body lotions say they can be used on the face (esp lubriderm) but any time I have done this I have seriously regretted it in the morning, so I wouldn't recommed this at all. The third ingredient is a stearate, and I think those are generally with avoiding (not all are bad, but LOTS are very bad). Plain old petroleum jelly original vaseline would be a safer bet if you are trying to not spend a lot of money.

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Personally I found that the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash was pretty useless. Didn't make it worse, but didn't make it better, just dried out my skin a lot.

And I would strong go against using ANY vaseline product on your face. Vaseline products are great for the rest of your body, ie. if you're looking for something gentle enough to be used for lips (the petroleum jelly) or hands (the cream), but on the face, I just found it clogged my pores BIG TIME!

If you're looking for a good moisturizer, Neutrogena has some safe bets. There's also the Olay brand with SPF, which I heard is fantastic for your skin. And if you live in Canada, there's Vichy's Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care - it's expensive, but an excellent product.

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I no longer trust neutrogena, but I will second Olay and add in Eucerin. Plain ol' petroleum jelly wont (actually physically can't bc it doesn't harden to form a plug) clog pores, but yeah, it is kinda gross to use and you may not want an occusive moisturizer which kinda suffocates the skin, dep. on how dry your skin is. Dove moisturizers are pretty good too, and lots of beauty editors have written that they are unusually good/advanced for a drugstore brand.

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Thanks a bunch guys! Luckily I have another moisturizer in ths house (an olay product, especially made for facial treatment) and will use that pronto. I'm finding the Neutrogena Wash to be working for now, so if I see that it starts doing nothing I will switch it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good cleanser in case I decide to switch? Thanks a bunch for your moisturizer suggestions smooth_operator!

I'm also thinking of using Olay Refreshing Toner in my regimen, but I will admit I don't know a lot about skin products, so I dunno if it would really do anything? Again, any suggestions? I'm open to suggestions about other skin care products, what products I should use, shouldn't, anything.

My skin is moderately oily if I don't clean it in the mornings and give it a rinse after school, or if I've been doing anything active, I have to wash my face afterwards. As long as I do that I don't have a problem with oil production. That's a little information on my skin if it helps suggestion-wise.

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