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i heard that sweating is good for acne. i used to swim but i think it made my acne so i started running at the gym. it takes me a real long time to sweat. i sweat on my forehead but never have have my face drenched which is what i want since is getting all the crap out of ur pores like steaming i guess. i was wondering if i drink a more water thoruhgout the day then will i sweat more and sweat quicker??? i takes me like 15 mins just to get sweat of forehead...but it never goes to my cheeks. yeah.. i wash my face after with cold water to rinse sweat off and close pores then go home and shower. yeah...advice/ideas on increase sweating or is this a bad idea and will increase my acne..????

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dunno, chances are that you sweated (?word) when you swam but just didn't notice it bc you were already wet, so you may be someone for whom this has no effect. Alternatively you could try a sauna or steaming your skin, but be careful not to cause more irritation. In my own experience sweating a lot or a little really makes no difference though.

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iv always heard that pool water is good for your skin.

as long as you don't get chlorine burn lol ouch :redface:

I break out from chlorine, I think I'm allergic to it or something which really sucks. Salt water pools are good for your skin.

Running helps me relax, which in turn destresses me which helps my acne. Also sweating helps me too, I find out the more I work out the better my skin is, just make sure you shower right afterwards.

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