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What moisturizer should i use?

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I'm looking at different moisturizers to use with the Clean Skin Regimen and my question is whether or not to get one with SPF. I have mild acne so i dont think i'll need to use alot of the BP. I'm coming from Botchla's Regimen with 10% BP and looking for something milder. The reason i'm asking about the SPF is because i tan once a week and spend time out in the sun during the summer to keep my skin tanned and i dont want a pale skin tone on my face. I want my face to stay tanned with the rest of my body. Will the SPF 15 prevent that or just lower the UV penetration? Maybe i should just pick a moisterizer without SPF? I'm aware of the concerns with UV and skin cancer and all that so thats not a question. I just need to know if the SPF is going to keep my face from tanning as much as the rest of my body.

This one appears to be SPF-free.


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From my experience with the regimen, I hate to say it but your face will not be quite as tanned as the rest of your body. I'm not sure why, but since I've been on the regimen, my face has always been lighter no matter what. :doubt:

I don't think it has anything to do with spf, because I've tried both with and without spf. Since it doesn't make a difference and your face won't tan as much as the rest of your body when you're on the regimen, I choose to use an spf moisturizer just to protect my skin from uv rays.

So either way, I'm afraid it won't make a difference. Your face probably won't be the same tone as the rest of your body if you tan when you're on the regimen. But it'll be clear! :D

But maybe other regimen users have had different experiences. Good luck to you!

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From what i've read and experienced i believe the Benzoyl Peroxide causes your skin to become lighter more quickly. I've been using the 10% BP in the C&C Continuous Conrol ACNE Cleanser and my face would lighten more quickly then the rest of my body. I was using it twice a day though. I've cut back to once a day at night since last week. BP definitely works wonders for most everything but blackheads though so i dont think i'll be stopping using it anytime soon.

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Odd, the regimen made my face a bit more tanned than my body and a healthy light pink, almost unnoticaeable. I doubt it's from irritation, I've been following the regimen precisely for more than 3 months now and I'm extra gentle.

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It's really important to use an SPF while on the regimen. Benzoyl Peroxide makes skin more sensitive to sunlight. So, even if you usually don't burn while outside, you may find your skin becomes red easily and has a burning sensation. (Mine did!). I don't use anything with less than SPF30. I find that moisturizers with SPF in it are either too greasy or not moisturizing enough.

I use a plain sunscreen to moisturize myself, and it's actually better than the moisturizer/sunscreen combos I've every tried.

I use Hawaiian Tropic Oil-free "Sheer Reflections" SPF30 sunscreen. In Canada, it's $8 for 180 mL. I love it! It doesn't make my skin oily, and it has vitamins A,C and E, as well as other fruit extracts.

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