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Anyone switch from Botchla's Regimin to the Clear Skin Regimen?

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I've been using Botchla's for about a year now and its cleared up my skin well but it just seems to be too harsh on my skin because i'm having problems with circular patches of skin especially on my cheeks where its just cracked. They range from small to larger circular areas and are quite noticeable when my skin isn't real tanned. I usually go to a tanned bed once a week and spend time out in the sun during the summer to maintain my tan and it does help kill bacteria on the body as well which helps acne but it does help cause the skin to become more dry so i need to find a different regimen and try to get these blotchy circular patches healed up. They usually come and go and some hang around for a long time. I'm thinking it may be caused from the roughness of the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub (2% SA) with those little micro particles. It could also be the 10% BP in the C&C Continous Control ACNE Cleanser. I've only been using the 10% BP stuff once a day here recently. I have relatively mild acne but oily skin so i'm not sure what would work best for me. I think i'm just going to start the Clear Skin Regimen because i want something simple with just two or three items and not a 15 step program with 30 products. Can anyone give me any suggestions on the regimen to use or has anyone switched from Botchla's regimen to something else? Thanks.

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Guest pokerbugg

i was doing botchlas regimen too but i realized that my problem is clogged pores, so i really dont want to be using all this medicine stuff unless i have a huge zit (then dab something on it) so i im trying out jessicas regimen (exfoliating w/ a face brush & applying neosporin cream) and this really helps with the dryness, u wont feel any patches on ur skin ....i must admit i did like botchlas regimen and it was working out fine the week or two i was on it but i just dont like bp...bp really messes up ur skin texture and in the end give u ugly dull skin (at least w/ me it does, and not to mention the red marks).

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Yeah I was on Botchla's regimen for about 6 months until it stopped working for some reason. I was quite good but my skin tone was never that even. I've been on Dan's regimen for about a month and a half and my skin is looking a lot better, with a more even skin tone. So I'd say i prefer Dan's

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I'm new here so i'll go ahead and ask this question even though i think i already know the answer. Dan's Regimen is the Clear Skin Regimen advertised at the top of the page correct?

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Ok so here is what i ordered today. For a twice daily morning/night cleanser i got the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial bar.


For right now i'm going to continue using the C&C 10% BP face wash but i'm going to continue to limit it to only once a day at night whereas before i was using it twice daily.


I'm going to continue to use the Cetaphil Moisterizing Cream that i just started using in the morning and at night i thought i would try this Alba Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisterizer which has Aloe Vera and Green Tea in it.


Twice a week i plan to use the St. Ives Medicated Apricot scrub to exfoliate. I was using the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub twice DAILY before and i think that was my problem with dry skin and what caused the cracked circular patches of skin on my cheeks.


And i'm going to try this fade cream which has 2% Hydroquinone to lighten the few freckles and brown spots i have on my cheeks.


Anyone else alter their Botchla's regimen to something else?

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