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46 years young with acne

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I'm 46 and lately my forehead on one side only has broke out and doesn't seem to be getting any better. Never had acne problems before.

Whats up?

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Um, wrong section ;), should be in General Acne Questions but someone will move it.

I can't particularly say what could cause this small breakout, since we on a daily basis try to argue towards our point of what causes acne. I would say try the regimen as it seems to work on low level acne problems.


If it is a small breakout and you've never had acne before, it could be just an irratation or ingrown hairs so its nothing to fret over.

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Sweaty contact can cause that, maybe on a pillow case or a train head rest.

Do you sleep on that side?

Can be compounded with being run down and a bit stressed and not sleeping well and picking at it and not keeping it clean.

Have you changed anything in the last few months, your shampoo, your environment, your diet?

If it doesnt go away and gets worse/spreads then use the regimen on the affected area once a day with a small amount of BP until it clears.

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hmmm, i dunno. think, is there anything youve changed in ur life that could be affecting ur skin? if it gets worse or doesnt go away and it really bothers u id see a doctor and maybe get some tests done, unless its not uncommon to start getting acne at 46, but i dont think it is somehow.

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Whilst skin problems late in life can be a sign of diabetes, Steve's is so localised I think it may just be contact dermatitis. However if it persists or spreads then olha is right you should get tests done.

I think everyone has acne, the odd zit every 3 months etc, which isn't classed as having acne, later in life it can get worse. Rosacea usually starts in late 30's and has acne like symptoms, however this occurs around mouth and nose with a red blushed region either side of nose, which isn't what steve has.

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