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wassup yall, im new to this joint....im probly the first kid from the block to be in this thing..any wayz...i need help, my acne is so damm bad..i use to be a pimp now my acne is all over my face, i aint want to go out any more, so thats why im online..do you think tazorac & vitamin e oil will work for me...well im dark skin but if u get up close u can see my acne problem..yeah i been to the damn derm. probly they didnt prescribe any thing good cuz im color.....i got minocycline pills to take 2 time a day, and tazorac once a week...i need ya help, hook a brotha up with some advice.....aite, u think tazorac & vitamin e oil will work??

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Hi, I have used tazorac for a couple of weeks (every night) and it does wonders for my acne. I usually get pimples that last forever, but with tazorac they come and go in one day, no kidding. It's litterally cleaning everything out. I dont know how it could possibly work while you are only using it once a week. I have used Vitamin E oil thousands of times hoping itll eventually work...nothing with that. I have fair skin, so my pimples can be quite bright. The tazorac has made my face a little redder, but a lot smoother, I can tell the redness will go away. Anyway, I wouldnt mix the oil with the tazorac. I use benzaclin in the mornings too, but never mix them. I hope this helps a little.

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i use tazorac and benzaclin too and my face is pretty much clear--hey check out jojoba oil--i use that and its GREAT--and pretty cheap, i think its better than vitamin e oil, and non comedogenic and makes ur face LESS shiny since its similar in structure to the oil ur body makes, but doesnt clog ur pores. check it out!

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Tazorac, Minocyclin=good...vitamin e oil-BAD...don't put that shit on your face, it'll only clog your poors, you'll get little bumps...I don't know who started the rumor that putting vitamin e oil on your face helps with anything...any derm will tell you, straight vit e oil wont do shit...in a proper cream it may help, but straight oil will not.

I'd skip it all together, just take a supplement every day.

And, you should be working up to using the tazorac every day...once a week wont do shit. work up slowly until the skin can tolerate it every day...then use only the prescribed amount (pea size). Too much will only cause more trouble.

Good luck...give it time, you'll look tons better!

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Acknee in da hood -- your derm must be an idiot b/c TAZORAC ISN'T SUITABLE FOR BLACK SKIN! Ur derm knows this that's why his telling you to use it once a week. please don't use it or retin-a, skinoren, differin or azlex acid (sp?) anything containing retin-a isn't suitable for afro type skin...take it from me. Take ur minocycline daily and use jojoba and that's it

Im also light skinned brown...so you can private message me if u wanna talk O:)

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How long have you been using Benzaclin and Tazorac? I have been on it for like 3 weeks, but am still breakin out. Not so bad, but I am wondering how long it took you to get clear. I see results, but I am not clear yet. Also, how bad was your acne? thanks!

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