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Using alcohol astringents are bad?

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Hello, from here the general consensus seems to be that alcohol based astringents are bad, but recently I pulled up a bottle of clearasil astringent I haven't used since I found this site and tried using it. Ever since using BP, my skin has been sensitive, though more smooth and clear. Using the astringent after using BP, my face burned like it was on fire, but I found my face to be VERY VERY dirty. I had massive amounts of small black hair like pieces all over the cotton ball I used to wash my face (are these black heads?). I'm thinking that astringent isn't that bad, because it got rid of a lot of dark dirt and grease on my face, and I was wondering if non alcohol based astringent would clean as well? My face is sooo dirty and I never realized it.

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I have used alcohol astringents before and never have they removed blackheads, so I don't think that's what was on your face . . . maybe you just had something weird on you that you didn't know about. Also, my blackheads are just black on the top where the air gets to them, the rest of it is a practically clear little plug.

My overall feeling is that if you wash your face well enough an astringent isn't necessary. I know everyone's skin is different, but for me adding in an astringent is just one more thing to cause irritation and potentially cause breakouts. Often they are colored or perfumed or contain lots of preservatives and I try to stay away from those as well since they don't get washed off.

Astringents are meant to be used after you cleanse the skin, so if my skin is dirty I just wash it and that tends to get whatever is on it off . . . ymmv though.

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Oh, I see. The burning feeling from using the astringent is insane....my face stays red for an hour or so and my skin is definately irritated. I just wasn't sure if it was worth using or not, due to the irritation. Today when I used it, I noticed I had tons of skin flakes and the cotton ball become yellow and I'm not sure if this is healthy or not.

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Just a guess, but I would say no! IMO, a cleanser w a surfactant (or a soap) should get you clean enough (in fact water might even) so don't stress your skin out with the astringent since it doesnt seem to agree with you.

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