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Apparently it helps strengthen cell membranes and speed up healing. It is supposedly non-comedogenic and slightly anti-bacterial, but I personally just don't like the idea of it.

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angel4306, baptista is totally right. I've been using it for a few months, so I can add my own experience.

Basically, the oil has a long history of being used by Australian natives for a variety of purposes, namely wound healing as well as joint and muscle aches and pains. They would literally cut off the fat from the sacrificed emu bird and apply the slab of fat to the wound or joint. Researchers (particularly at Boston University) have studied its properties and have discovered a number of important benefits:

*It is composed primarily of some skin-healthy fatty acids, namely oleic acid (a mono-unsaturated fatty acid) and omega-3 and omega-6 poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

*It penetrates the skin very well, as a result of its fatty acid composition and can be used as a very effective transdermal carrier (i.e. to help other products penetrate the skin). These fatty acids are also very good for building the skin's support structure, so it helps in skin health maintenance.

*It has anti-inflammatory properties, which researchers determined are non-steroidal (no need to understand this technically; but just to know that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory action is preferred to steroidal). It has been shown in a number of clinical studies to be particularly good for wound healing.

*As a result of the combination of its skin penetration abilities and anti-inflammatory properties, it is actually useful in helping joint problems as well (aches and pains, arthritis, etc.) when applied topically, so the Australian natives' experience was clinically shown to be effective.

As for whether or not it helps acne, well, I've read some claims that it should b/c of its anti-inflammatory abilities along w/ its penetration, but I don't know that there is any definite clinical data (I should dig around more though). But, like baptista said, it does not appear to be comedogenic, so at least it won't aggravate acne.

I use it as a moisturizer and have been using it some time along w/ antibacterial type natural oils (such as tea tree oil and manuka oil) to help these penetrate better, w/ some decent results. I don't think emu oil is your front-line primary anti-acne agent, though. But it can be incorporated into a good skin regimen. My own topical regimen got somewhat changed in the last several days, and I detail it in today's post (Oct. 16, '05 post at 01:43 PM, page 4 of the thread on http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...pic=67189&st=60 ), but it still includes emu oil.

Also, as for baptista's objection to the oil, well, if you're a vegetarian/vegan and have objections to using animal products, then this one's not for you. However, the oil is derived from emu birds which are grown and farmed for their meat (yes, people eat emu birds), so this is a by-product of that.I hope most people aren't grossed out, but this is no different than if you eat chicken (and I do). The oil is processed such that it is free of contaminations.

If you object to emu oil based on the above, you can try camellia oil. It is derived from the camellia plant, mostly native to Asia. It has a somewhat similar composition of fatty acids (though I think it doesn't have omega-3's) and is also reported to penetrate the skin well. It has plant antioxidants and phenols which are also good for skin health support. I've not tried camellia oil, but an acne-prone friend of mine recently started using it and is pleased w/ the results so far (she uses the brand Silkia Camellia).

I hope this you find this useful.

Cheers, Roxy.

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Thanx s0 much y0u guyz! It has really helped me. I recently decided t0 st0p using BP and SA because they both really dry out my skin! Im gonna start using cooper peptide serum, emu oil, aveeno radiance cleanser, and an electronic toothbrush with the cleanser to help exfoliate. I hope it works!

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