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Anyone tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion or Multi-Vitamin

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hey, I'm assuming you're talking about the foundation Neutrogena Healthy Skin? That works pretty well. Use sparingly, I think; and apply lotion to your face before hand (something light, like Lubriderm)

good luck

also, I heard something about ClearSkin (from Neutrogena), which actually helps clear your skin...(duh) but I'm sticking w/Healthy Skin because it's fine.

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I have been using the neutrogena multivitamin and at first was unsure it was working. If you use it you have to be patient. I had red marks that I thought would never go away. I have had them for a good six months and yesterday I noticed that they had faded alot. It does nothing for existing acne, but for healed areas it works great. My skin looks even today. :D/

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i hate to be a spoilsport, but i'm one of those few that didn't like the neutrogena multivitamin stuff. it felt very acidic on my face, also it left a sticky residue that made my skin oily or shiny looking, and third, it seemed to make any red marks i had even redder (temporarily that is). i had to wear it at night. i dunno, i just didn't like it too much.. but others seem to love it.

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I also hated the greasy feeling on my face. The trick is to use a very thin layer of it on your face. If you read the instruction it says it also. This will help alot. Also, I only keep it on for like two hours at night then wash it off. I like the results it has given me.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback everyone :D .

I posted this topic on another acne-board and the majority of people there had the same complaints about the Multi-vitamin lotion and said that the Healthy Skin lotion wasn't sticky, didn't leave an oily pinkish residue like the M-V and was a lot faster in clearing up the red marks

I'm going to start using the Healthy Skin Lotion tonight

I'll let u know if it works

Thanks again

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Yeah the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion Does feel real oily and made my face kinda shiny. But it does make your skin look so much better. My face evened out in a week and made it look real nice and clear. I now just use it sparingly, but I'm giving the product a thumbs up.

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Well so far I really like the Healthy Skin Lotion

I only use one pump all over my face (except my forehead...it doesn't need it)

I think it's helping to dry up my pimples but doesn't dry out my face.

As for the red marks well no real improvement so far but I have only used it three times so I'm still hopeful [-o<

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Well so far so good.

I've been using the Healthy Skin Lotion for a little over two weeks now and have noticed a reduction in the redness of my marks and improved skin tone overall.

It's a bit hard to say how much the redness has improved but it now it definatley takes less foundation for my face to look respectable, whereas before it took repeated applications to suficiently cover my red marks.

However, it seems to have made my pic scars more noticeable :evil:

I don't know if it's because now that my red marks are fading I'm beginning to focus on the next big problem with my face, maybe red marks help to camoflage pick's or something... who knows.

Anyways basically I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it in the long term :D

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