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little bumps?

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I am a longtime cystic acne sufferer (in my 30's and still struggling with it, but a bit hesitant to take yet another course of accutane). The scars I got when I was younger are mostly of the crater type: depressions in the skin. But in my recent outbreaks over the past year I have had some cysts that do not seem to have left behind any depressions. Yet in the location where the cyst was there appears a little bump on the skin. I have come to think this must be scar tissue, but I have never scarred in this way before. They are soft in texture and become visible on my face in softer light, where they look like little pimples (though in fact there is no acne activity there). Had anyone else experienced this kind of scarring, if that is indeed what it is? Is there anything which is effective in smoothing the bumps? Thanks.

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yea i have quite alot, i think they are athrophic. They are in this way because of overproduction of collagen.

Well how to fix them I don't know, im not really bothered by this kind of scarring because lots of people have little bumps (guys) . Im more worried about indented ones.

Anyhow how to fix them, well I would think peelings wouldn't suffice. So maybe tca-crossing or microdermabrassion on those spots.

Maybe excision but I don't think they are big enough to do that and I don't think it's worth the risk of further scarring.

Well in my case they are really small, some are a bit bigger but im not really bothered.

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