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Smoking Cigarettes

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Just answer my question? Please. =], Do cigarettes cause acne? Or even blemishes? I don't see a difference in my skin when I smoke, and don't smoke, I ran 2 test, 5 days without smoking, 5 days with smoking, and it stayed the same, cleared up, came back, then i smoked for 5 days, and stopped for 5 days, and my acne's the same?

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I have moderate acne and thought I would stop smoking to see what happens (normally smoke 20 a day) I stopped completey for a week and my acne started to clear, thought yeah great but then had a bad day at work so had a fag. Next morning I woke up with a brand new spot on my chin, so i think yes smoking has an impact on skin. I have used nicotene patches before and they had no affect on my skin just my health, so i think the nicotene in the patches has the same affect as smoking....I am now going to try to have no fags at all for 2 weeks and will see what happens.

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They make me get acne. I swear. I have quit three times. Each time at month three (coincidentally when you're back at your highest fertility levels again, read: hormones are back to normal) I break out in many cysts.

I am positive it is from the cigs. My body changes drastically as well. It looks like I am on the pill. I will weigh the same amount when I smoke, but it is distributed differently and the extra weight is leaner and more masculine when I smoke. When I've quit, the weight is more feminine - My breasts get HUGE and my thighs and butt get bigger too. I am much more feminine looking when I don't smoke.

I know it isn't from stress, because I am not under any more stress when it happens. I'm usually more stressed out when I smoke. It stimulates me and makes me more edgy - I'm much calmer while a non-smoker. Also, as soon as I start again, usually a year later, my skin looks great almost immediately..

I am an anomaly though. There are only two others on this board who have had the same thing happen to them: oldguy and intelligencia.

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