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Tiredness on tane

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Has anyone experienced tiredness while on accutane. AS for me I'm a really active person who can stay for like 12 hours and feel okay but since I started taking accutane I sleep for like 10-12 hours, lazy through out the day and go to bed early...it's buggingme but I do have a clearer face though...I don't want to give it up...I drink coffee to stay awake but I'm not sure what to Do...Any advice? if you expereinced tirednedd what did you do or what did the doctor say?

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drink lots of gatorade or powerade, you need electrolytes in you. My derm says that if you don't drink these it will cause depression and muscle fatigue along with tiredness, so get the powder stuff and drink like 3 glasses a day, thats what I do and i'm on 3 months of accuatane

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and how is it working about for u? did u experience tiredness initially? then your doc recommended gatorade?

pretty good. If I go a few days without drinking powerade or gatorade I'll feel like crap. Just really lazy, fatigued ya know. Before I went on accutane my derm said I must drink half a gallon a day to prevent depression and muscle joint pain or fatigue but I just drink a couple glasses a day is okay for me, you just want to stay hydrated and the derm said that water doesn't cut it in this situation because of the electolytes that are found in gatorade or powerade it hydrates your body better.

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I got tired too on accutane. I drank alot of water, I also started to do some light exercise atleast once a day. This helped alot. I only felt extra tired when I fist started accutane, and for a couple days after every up in my dose.

Good luck, get rest, liquids, and stay active. It's all worth it in the end.

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