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Frances The Mute

READ: A significant step I took

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A few weeks ago I came to the realization of why I would go to sleep with no pimples, and wake up in the morning with new pimples and blackheads. The answer? MY HAIR!!!!!!! I dont know about you guys... but I only have showers in the morning. I used to have showers at night (before i started getting acne) but I prefer to shave in the shower in the morning before I go out. When I come home at night I have gel and crap in my hair... and I would just go to sleep on it. That shit would rub off into my pillow and i would basically press my face into it all night. I tried sleeping on my back but every morning when I woke up I would be sleeping face down. So now before I go to sleep I rinse my hair out... not wash or shampoo... just rinse it and towel it down... this really helps get all the stuff out and I havent had any new overnight zits since. This may seem like common knowledge but I seriously slept with gel or pommade in my hair almost everynight for the last 2 years. I just never thought about it. Im still on Dans regimen... but I am confident that I have realized a main reason for my pimples and hopefully this well be another step to getting clearer.

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Guest james11

You'll probably find that this isn't causing your Acne entirely, but would be making the problem worse.

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Hendrix is 100% right in that this is a factor as it is with me as well. Its not the cause but it IS something that has been proven (check the research)

I shower at night and in the morning. in addition i change my pillowcases every 2 days.

Also when i sleep i've learned how to sleep on my side so my face doesn't press into the pillow..its surprisingly comfortable.

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hey guys just wanted to make a suggestion .have you ever tried aloe as a hair gel???it works great .i use fruit of the earth aloe.you can get it at ride aid for about 6bucks.its better than putting all that other crap in your hair.and its good for your skin. :D

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You dont even really need to change your pillowcase if you rinse out your hair and wash your face before you go to bed you can press your face into the pillow all you want. I like pressing my face into the pillow and sleeping on my stomach... it helps me fall asleep and is more comfortable

NYC- I havent tried that but I will. I heard that some people using shaving cream as hair gel too... apparently it looks really good. I really like using pommade though... it works best with my hair helps it stay and gives it a nice texture

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