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What will lighten brown spots and freckles

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I have a few brown spots like freckles on my cheeks and i was just wondering what you can use that will lighten things like that? They've showed up over the past year from me being out in the sun alot and stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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You want to use a skin lightening cream or something similar to it that has Hydroquinone in it. I had some that had 5% in it and it worked great at fading some spots. Check the percentage on the tube/bottle and I would recommend using the one w/the higher amount in it.

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After I fix all my scars thats my next step is to get rid of my freckles..

Right now I havent even thought what I'm going to do about that. I don't see stuff like that working for mine though. The freckles I have are dark dark brown.

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Guest Marino

I had a about 2 or 3 olive spots on my cheeks, i guess there similar to freckles.

They disappeared after microdermabrasion/glycolic peels.

TCA would do the trick a bit faster though

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Guest pokerbugg

yea , ive never had freckles or sun spots ever! till recently ive noticed a couple by my cheekbones, theyre not that noticible but i dont think i wanna remove them, i actually think theyre cute as well... i just dont want anymore

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