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Which do you think would penetrate into the skin better for cysts? Tea tree oil or 10% benzoyl peroxide? This is my first time posting. I guess I should introduce myself and give my acne background. I have had acne and extremely oily skin since the age of 12. ( I am now 30.) I have never gone to the dermatologist, but have tried many over the counter products. I tend to get blackheads on my nose and the crease in my chin, and large cysts on my jawline and bottom of chin. I also have some acne on the top part of my back, mainly the shoulders and under the neck area. I am currently using the oxy maximum strength acne wash for my back and it has mostly cleared up and stays under control if I use it daily. I have come to the conclusion that the cysts come when I eat cheese or lot's of dairy. I try to avoid dairy when possible, but can't always and so now I have two large cysts on my chin. These are the kind that never seem to come to a head. They just get big, swollen and painful and take 2 weeks or more to go away. Anyways, I am currently using the 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion from Paula's Choice. She does not make anything stronger, but would like to try tea tree or 10% benzoyl peroxide for spot treatment on the cysts themselves. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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hey geo :D

i am also new to the boards and i think i have the same kinda problem as u.

i too have oily skin and got blackheads around the nose too, and also get major bumps on my chin mainly the day after ive eaten lots of dairy products or wen ive had lots of fried food. i try and balance my diet but now its gotten to the point wher eim gonna never ever again eat greasy foods or dairy products again ever...

ive tried the oxy stuff but it seems to dry my skin too much and cause whiteness patches on the areas (im chinese) on the areas, so i immediately chucked that shit in the bin.

my cuz bought me some tee tree oil oinment, from austrailia and i usually apply this on aggressive spots2 times a day and it helps a lot. the other day a brewer was on my chin but 2 days later it has calmed down a lot and started to reduce in size a lot. i also use tea tree and mint facial wash from body shop and toner and mosturize too.

so personally i wud recommend the tea tree.

hope this helps :D

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TTO isnt for everyone it makes some people break out. I use 5% bp and it seems t work, im gonna try TTO cause its probably better for my skin in general.

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well, my skin isn't like yours but I like TTO better than BP (although I'm not a fan of the smell) for treating cysts. I use 100% TTO from the vitamin section at walmart. I recommend gently icing the cyst first and then applying TTO after blotting the skin dry.

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