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What in the hell is up with this? They say that your suppose to let your body get 8 hours of sleep per night to keep from getting too much of bad acne. Tuesday morning I had to wake up and be at work by 9 AM. I stayed up the whole time because there was a damn good Steelers V.S. Chargers game on MNF. It was still over at about 12:30 AM eastern time. So I'm trying to rush myself to sleep, I'm saying... okay.. seven hours of sleep will be good still. I try to get to sleep, then six hours will be good.... up until 5:30 A.M. where I just say fuck it, if I fell asleep I'd be 100x more tired when I wake up 3 hours from now. How about Wednesday night, I didn't get home from work til about 1, I had to be up at 7:30 A.M........ and hell no I didn't fall asleep. This is all cause of fucking acne .... I need to get sleep but I cant cauz of this fuckin disease. Let me ask this question.... and even if you dont know the answer..... guess atleast........ they say your body needs atleast 8 hours of sleep.......... can the 8 hours of sleep also be from maybe 9 AM - 4 PM? Does it always have to be from like 12 AM - 9PM or 1 or 2 AM to 11 PM........ can it also be 9 AM - 3 PM just as long as your body is still getting the hours of sleep? Does it matter which hours? I drank a piss load of green tea. Green Tea has Ginseng in it. Is it true that Ginseng will keep someone up? Someone please answer that for me. Another thing....... nobody answers me on other boards about this........ but besides the baking soda remedy for red marks...... what are some other home experiments that you can do that have a good shot at working??? People please help me out and answer these questions please, thank you

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i dont think change in time of sleep should affect acne..but in some people might be sensitive to changes

in their sleep pattern....i had posted a remedy on this forum sometime back.....titled."maybe this helps

some people"....it helped me clear up a lot....might work for you too

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Unakwenda, I think what's most important is finding what works for you.

It seems like your sleeping habits now are not the best from your description.

Many readings indicate that the best sleep often occurs when bedtime is before midnight (ideally 10-11pm) and waking is early (between 6 and 8am), partly due to the body's internal process, but everyone has different bedtimes and hours of sleep and if they feel their habits are well suited to them, then that is okay too.

Try to find what's right for you. Considering what you described, maybe you could try a different approach to changing your sleeping pattern, and see how that goes? It's not easy, but with a bit of effort, you can do it. :angel:

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i really wouldnt go looking for old wives cures if i where you, i did for three years, trying new stuff and everytime it doesnt work (or in many cases make life worse in some way) you feel like dying.

Its much better to accept your situation psychologically (get rid of BDD and SAD symptoms) or to go the whole hog and get laser tratment or something thats pretty much guaranteed to work (better still get both).

Just please take my advice and dont go trawling about for shitty, expensive, painful and ultimately worse than useless cures for red marks coz itll only hurt in the long run. This is a damn acne forum, if stuff existed dont you think it would heralded here? (And i dont mean mentioned in some obscure post from 2 years ago).Amen

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lol, no..i wouldnt believe it...

im currently unemployed, and because of dietry habits, im always exhausted, and sleep on average 9-13hours a night...with a regular sleep pattern too..

and im still acne-full :D

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