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Well it's come down to restylane/vs. Fraxel

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Well I've read a lot on this board over the past few years, especially about Fraxel and Restylane. I am sorry if I am about to ask any questions that have been covered. I have rolling, and some boxscars around my mouth and upper cheek. And what it's come down to is I have had 5 smoothbeams-no result

10-15 microdermabrasions, one microlaser peel done by Sciton laser--no results. So the scars are still there and one doc in Minnesota here quoted me 695 for a one syringe of Restylane and they he would layer it in three steps over the course of a month. Probably need two syringes- so that is 1400 dollars which may last about 4 months at the most from what I hear, then it would be 290 dollars per touch up. so that's at least 2K for one year--for something that will always go away and never last. Then my laser doc quoted 995$ for a full face of Fraxel one -treatment! I have to make an appointment, but his nurse says he doesn't think the doc will do a spot treatment of fraxel because One problem with performing resurfacing procedures on part of the face is there is a chance the tone/texture of the skin will be different on the treated area compared with the rest of the face. Soo.....did I need to go see him and listen to him tell me that he will only do the full face because of course he will also get more money that way. Does anyone, like florida guy--know anything more about if Fraxel gives last results? I just dont know what to do--should I continue to get injected with Resylane for the rest of my life or take a chance and see if Fraxel will give me enought results in 4-5 treatments that will last for many years--or forever? If money was no option--of course I would do both. Thanks for any advice, I really appreciate everyone's comments --stay tough people!


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fraxel sounds very promising from what ive read..... but 995 for one treatment sounds high i was quoted 2400 for 4 treatments which is 600 per treatment .... if i were u id shop around and see if u can find a doctor that does fraxel cheaper than that .... theres some people on here such as lightgirl and floridaguy that have been getting spot treatments really cheap and seeing good results

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Missy have you researched saline injections? This seems like a good option for rolling scars but the only doc doing them is in CA. You could self treat.

All I know about Fraxel is what I have read here. It does look promising.

Restylane is only going to be temporary. So unless you have a bottomless pocketbook, I wouldn't think that would be your first choice.

Needling or Medium depth peels with CP is also supposed to be good for rolling scars but requires time and patience.

Be sure to let us know what you decide upon and your results...Good Luck! :angel:

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