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About to start Regimen

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Hey everyone.

I've had fairly light acne for most of my late teen years (I am 18 now), but in the past few months things have taken a turn for the worse. I have started getting very large pimples that are not really visible from the surface, but I can feel them under my skin. They stay there forever, getting bigger and bigger, and finally a little pimple might appear on the surface. They are often times painful, hard to cover with make up, and leave terrible large red marks. Also, they are all along my jawline/chin, and starting to creep up to my cheeks. I do admit that I pick some of them, but there is one that I did not pick, and it just stayed there, for literally weeks, under the surface, and still turned red. In fact, I can still feel it, and it's probably been 1-2 months.

I'm trying to think of what I might have done to spur this change but I can't think of it. Sleeping with my face on the pillow? I've done that as long as I can remember. Plus, it at least feels like these start way under the surface anyway.

So anyway, my question is: has anyone here had similar acne symptoms and had good results from this regimen?

I am starting to get frustrated now, it's gotten to the point where I feel like I can't leave the house without make-up, where I used to go out without a second thought. neutral.gif

Any comments would be appreciated.

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not your situation, but always make sure you have a good moisturiser and sunblock of min spf15!

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