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Whats d difference between dianette and Ortho Tri-cyclen?

Ok, i've recently got a script for Brenda-35 ED (the exact same thing as dianette, diane-35 ED and juliet-35 ED), i read the information in the box and done some reserch but all the information i've found has been too general and not very helpful. I'm a bit worried about all these horrible side effects i've been reading about like liver tumours, blood clots and depression. How likely am i to get such side effects? Some sources say it's extreamly rare, others say it's quite common :^o ?, IT'S SO CONFUSING ](*,) How do the side effects of Tri-cyclen differ from diane? Is Tri-cyclen a safer option? If so how does it work in comparison to diane and does it work as well?

Sorry about all the questions, it's just that i really want to know exactly what i'm getting into before i start swallowing strange chemicals and stuffing around with my natual hormones, and i think therez alot of girls out there that feel the same way.

I'm mainly worried about the depression, i have a history of depression and have been on medication for it in the past, it was a new doc who gave my script and she dosen't know this, should i be worried?

If anyone has any information or would like to share thier personal experience i would seriously appreciate your help so much!! :D

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check out this site ASAP www.fpnotebook.com under contraceptives...it breaks down all the US recognized bcp's and suggests options for side effect management.

Diane35 isn't avail in the US...but I'd take it. For acne you need a bcp w/ medium estrogen & little to NO androgenic activity as it is the androgen converting to testosterone that causes hormonal acne.

I use Cilest, which per the illustrious internet is the same as Orthocyclen.

I tried Orthotricyclen a few years back for 6-8 months with NO effect. cilest/ orthocyclen has cleared me and did it in a week & a half along with Dan's regimen.

good luck!

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Thanx for the info shatangi :D i think i will try brenda, i've already brought the stuff and it cost me 49 dollars for a 3 month supply (thats just for the generic brand) because diane isn't supported by the medical health scheme. I can't seem to find the section on contraceptives in the web site though??? #-o

I thought Cilest was the generic of Orthocyclen?? If so i wonder why it only worked for u the second time round? Oh well thats great that it cleared u up, and in such a short period of time too, congratulations u must be stoked

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hmmmm look in Gynecology-contraceptives- and along the left side all the different pills will be listed. Orthocyclen is the same as Cilest, I was just pointing out OrthoTRIcyclen--the one the med community raves about- was useless for me.

I guess the deal is the orthoTRI -bcs it's triphasic and simulates the normal hormonal fluctuation and w/ low androgenic activity is SUPPOSED to help acne as well.

But I don't think it's estrogen levels were high enough for MY acne. Ortho cylen has pretty moderate to high levels that are sustained...meaning they stay the same the whole month {monophasic}

But Diane/Brenda/Sally whomever! is supposed be even better bcs it has a chemical that suppresses androgens and that's what you want w/ hormonal acne maintenance...

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