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Hey Everybody

Since the age of eleven I have had Acne, I´m 21 now, so it has been a long hard decade, of pain and humiliation.

I used to hate the way I looked and I hated looking into the mirror. I have always been teased and made a mockery of in school, Being to short, then being to high as I grew, I stuttered (and still do) and finally my acne . I hated going to school, luckily I had a few good friends and we took care of each other, so they helped me through.

I can remember a time i 7th grade when i had a horrible cyst right on the tip of my nose (you wouldnt believe it if you saw it) it stayed with me for about 20 days, I got teased every single second, going down the hall and all the kids sang "Rudolph the red nosed reign deer" imagine what that would do to a 14 year old boy...

I skipped school for about 5 days til it went away.

When I was 19 I volunteered for the army, and it was the best time of my life, I had the the best friend someone could wish for, and all the hard stuff we had to do and go through just made us more closer and stronger, my selfesteem grew and I started going out and meeting people.

After I was finished in the army, my selfesteem was better but I still feared talking to people, especially girls. Until recently I recieved speaking lessons and they have really changed me, now I don´t care about what other people think of me, I couldnt really care less, I know what qualities I have.

I really hope that people would stop thinking so much about other people´s thoughts, and just started living their lives, mine has juct rencently begun and I am looking forward to the rest of it. Believe in your self and do the things you wanna do...



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Rock on! Thank you for sharing your story. It's important to know that there are those out there who are making the best of a bad situation. It's great to see posts like these!

And yeah, kids can be so cruel. Little basterds.

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wow Michael, thanks for sharing your story.

And, yep, I had one of those rudolph cysts in the 7th grade too, I can remember my boyfriend saying "what's that on your nose" and stuff like that, it was so humiliating and embarrassing. I just hate to even think about it.

I'm glad you are feeling good about yourself, thank goodness school does not last forever and we grow up and have more positive experiences.

Best wishes.

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Nice story Michael, real encouraging. I always thought there was a lot you could learn about yourself by serving in the forces. I always wanted to do it in a way just so I could see what I was capable of. However traveling the backwater of the world, and being a pawn on a politician's chess board wasn't my idea of a future.

It sounds like the army and speaking lessons have seriousally helped you out. It's also good that you can now be yourself and not care about others' opinions.

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