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still oily!!

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i just started on the regimen yesterday, i seem to be clearing up already, but this morning i used a decent amount of bp, as i wasnt dry or flaky yesterday..im using an oil free, oil absorbing neutrogena moisturiser..and within 30mins, because of the moisturiser, my skin was more greasy than usual!it was like i didnt put any bp on at all!

any suggestions of what the FUCK to do??please?

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consider getting some of those oil-dabbing papers. I dab on some pressed powder to help with that, but don't know if that is something you would consider. Also, maybe try using less moisturizer, see if that helps.

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Yes, I often find that I have to use a very minimal amount of moisturizer or it will make my face look worse than usual. But the price you pay for that is your skin feeling very tight the entire day (although mine rarely looks dry). I guess you have to prioritize.

I find too that experimenting with different moisturizers is very helpful...not all of the moisturizers that say "oil-free" and "oil-absorbing" work as well as others and some do come across looking greasy on certain people even when it says "non-greasy".

I use a "shine control" moisturizer from Biore that I find works very well for me.

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Since you've just started the Regimen, it's also quite likely that your skin will dry up lots in the next few days... and then you'll be glad you've got the moisturizer. :)

But yes, using a bit less moisturizer or using a different kind might help a lot. My forehead has always been oily, so the idea of using moisturizer freaked me out, too. A lot of moisturizers do look a bit greasy on me, especially as the day goes on... I've been trying to find a good one that lessens this problem. I've just started a new kind (Complex15) that I've heard good things about in terms of not looking greasy, but who knows if it'll end up being true. :) We'll see...

Anyway, hang in there. Your skin is likely to be dry/red/flaky over the next couple weeks, so it could all work out in the end. Good luck :)

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