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Queen Helene MJM really works!!!

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Ok. I had ran out of the honey for the last three days. I was just using my normal cleanser. I could feel one of those angry cysts coming out from my cheeks. This one looked like it was gonna be huge and real trouble. Out of desparation I looked in my medicine cabinet and found I still had Queen Helene. I slapped the stuff on, waited for it to dry and went to sleep with it.

I woke up and the angry beast is a small tiny thing today. Hardly the monster it was trying to become and it doesn't feel active to me anymore. Yess! I think I like the Mint Julep more than the honey for its drying effect on the acne. I like the honey as a mask and how it helps my skin texture. Try it you guys it really helped me. :D

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I agree QH Mint Jelup is great on the big cyst it reduces the inflamation and reduces the pressure cooker inside. BP and salyic acid irritate my big cysts. :^o

I also bought it used it once and forgot I had it, went through three months of fighting big embarrasing cysts then found QH gave it a serious try and am totally satisfied. I use it twice a week as a mask and spot checks at night if I have any cysts brewing.

QH dries and does not fade your cloths just smells like toothpaste.. fine with me. Works great...cheap too :D

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Well I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes, but that cyst is gone. It looks like a tiny whitehead now. It's not even noticeable. The area looked so bad about two days ago and all I have been doing is putting the mint julep on and washing with warm water. I have been using the neutrogena multivitam on redmarks and my skin is starting to even out. This is awesome. :D/

Anyone else had success with mint julep. I was using SA products to wash too. I think they were aggravating my skin. I stopped them. I will keep doing this minimal thing for awhile and see how it goes. So far I am very pleased.

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One, not sure if you are in LA, calif. or in Lousiana, but LA should have walgreens all over the place. Go there. It 's so cheap and last forever.

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