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This is after I washed my face and applied some BP gel. I know the quality is bad.. this is taken by web came. But even with low quality picture taker, the marks are so frigging visible. Imagine how it looks in real life sad.gif

It's digusting.. but NOTHING worked cry.gif



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Well... BP keeps you from getting acne which makes more red marks.

I use BP to keep my acne under control and it's great. It definitely slows up the healing process, but I've gone through lots of different things in order to tackle the red marks. I've tried glycolic peels, copper peptides, puredeming's intense gel... delna's regimen (acv, baking soda, egg white mask.. although i didn't stick with this too long). I have been using aspirin masks coupled with aloe vera gel (I personally use lily of the desert aloe vera), and it has helped a ton.

I know you'd want to see pics, but I didn't take any... Just read the boards, and find the best method that works for you. Everyone's skin is different, and there's a lot of trial and error, but you'll eventually find something.

I wouldn't quit BP if nothing else worked for you to keep the zits off.

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I feel you man, I truly do, imagine red marks from bottom of your chin to your temple. I'd rather have them in one spot.

quit using bp and find another acne fighter if ure still getting breakouts

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Actually I dont use anything anymore most of the time.. only the facial wash 2 times a day. I have already passed the acne stages but last weekend I treated myself to some junk food and these 2-3 small zits came out so I apply BP on them.

Otherwise I hardly apply BP to redmarks or even to my face, just the zit spot I get usually.

So yea..... even without using BP, these redmarks are still there. sad.gif

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What up man I know exactly what those red marks are like cuz mine were practically the same, they really suck cuz they're all over the place, right? I've been using Differin and that has made the red marks kind of break up into smaller ones. It's been helping out pretty well and I've only been using it for a little over a month. I'm getting some laser treatment done in November so I'll let everyone know how that goes when the time comes, but I wish it were sooner doubt.gif . Good luck getting rid of those red marks, I feel you too well.

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