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Yet another accutane question.

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I've been on tazorac, clindoxyl and minocycline for 6 months. (mino for 12)

and here are the results

-huge whiteheads all over my chin are gone (thank god)

-my back acne was gone about 3 months in... now it's back

-i'm a red face. bright red. tomato like.

-dry skin(no big deal)

-blackheads all over nose never go away.

-tiny whiteheads(very noticeable) all over my forehead. (a lot better then 6 months ago but still not to nice)

so here's my question, do you think the accutane and it's side effects are worth it so i can finally get rid of this stupid stuff that ruins my social life?

i've thought about it day-in and day-out and i eally want to go on it, i just want to know how others have coped with the side effects.


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dont think about it too much man.I'm using retin-a for 6 months and i still cant find the results that i'm looking for.My face is red from it and my comlpexion is a mess.I'm going tommorow to ask accutane cause i had enough of this shit.If u think acne is messing your life dont think too much just do it.

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