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i've just recently started using bp gel (DDF's 5% w/ tea tree oil) and i've changed my regimen entirely, and i'm noticing alot of small non-acne-looking bumps all over my skin, especially on my forehead. they look almost like blocked pores, about the size of a small blackhead, only they dont seem to have bacteria in them or anything.. none of them have gotten bigger or felt irritated. my skin is almost completely clear except for a couple of scars that are still fading, but the texture is all bumpy and rough and i can't figure out why. has this happened to anyone else??

here's what i've been doing for the past week or so: (a.m and p.m)

- cleansing w/ SpectroJel (for sensitive/problem prone skin)

- wait 5-10 mins after patting dry (i never used to, but dan recommends it... anyone know why?)

- apply 5% bp w/ tea tree

- once dry, apply oil-free moisturizer (i've been using mary kay's velocity moisturizer for a while, never a problem before)

- when skin is extra-dry, i use jojoba oil at night only (i've used it in the past when the cold weather makes my skin really dry, and i know it doesn't make me break out)

- every other day or so, i'm using DDF's Pumice Acne Scrub w/ 2.5% bp, which is fantastic and makes my skin feel soft, but doesn't seem to be getting rid of these little bumps

someone please help!!

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^ lol...

well i've been on the regimen for about 3 weeks - I also had those bumps - heaps and heaps actually :confused: It got to the point where I was clear of acne but purely bumpy, so I gave my skin a few breather days interspersed with a day of BP every now and then.....and the bumps gradually went down. I personally think the bumps were due to my extremely sensitive skin reacting, this may also be the case for you. Especially coz you're using the 5% bp instead of 2.5%...

Some people on the regimen for ages say the bumps go down after weeks/months, but I just couldn't handle the risk of having them for that long :rolleyes: anyway good luck and let us know how u go :)

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i have the same thing and i think its something called milia. theyre basically tiny tiny little cysts that can be removed through exfoliation or by a doctor or dermotologist. anyway i think theyre caused by using harsh chemicals on the skin. theyre not dangerous and theyre not really acne...

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Hi, I got these on one side of my jaw. Little white bumps. I only notice them though when I squash up my skin and give my self a double chin. They are strange and I'm not sure when they started or if it was the bp that caused it. Only seem to be on one side of my face too which is weird.

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hey, thanks for your input guys!

i was worried that i might be having some sort of reaction to bp, so i stopped using the bp gel and a 2.5% bp exfoliator i had been using as well, for a couple of days and then gradually started again, but not using as much/as frequently. the bumps are all gone and my skin is smooth again. unfortunately, i had a small breakout while i was 'off' but the bp is making quick work of it now.

i guess i just started using too many bp pruducts, and too much all at once. i just hope that now that i've been using them again my skin doesn't get all rough again!

good luck to all of you :)

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