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ok ive tried just about everything...except accutane because my cholesterol is too high...so i took this 30 day body cleanse-hoping it would lower my cholesterol, i also have been reading this book on all natural cures and how theres more cancer these days from all the chemicals in everything. so my parents have switched EVERYTHING to organic in our house. i havent been to strict on the foods..so i dont think this is another diet post. however i had decided to take the all natural approach to my acne...so i take my cleanse every morning and night and apply tea tree oil topicaly every morning and night. my skin has completely cleared. i guess the body cleanse cleared out all the crap inside me and the tea tree oil has keep the bacteria and irritation off my face (what tea tree oil does) i stopped using all my medication and topicals because this book has made me realize that all the chemicals in them are causing more side effects (stomach ache, dry, ithcy, red skin, and all that good stuff) than what it helps. but i have no acne..no stomach aches, no head aches, no heart burn, basically nothing. you should try the body cleanse even if it doesnt help your face a whole lot you feel lighter more energized and your body is alot more healthy. i think its called advanced cleanse smart or something...try it

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pill...you get two bottles-one is for morning one is for night. for the first three days you take one in the morning and one at night..after the third day you take two in the morning and two at night for 30 days. after that you buy a one-a-day "daily" cleanse that keeps you flushed out day after day. its really easy and i feel very healthy and light and energized and my acnes gone

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