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gently gently

just reading dans information, more of a question 2 the veterans of this site, seein as theyve probably already benefited from its effects, just curious about how gentle u need 2 be with ur skin for this regimen 2 work, he says that touching it at all causes spots, how careful are u guys with ur skin i dont like the prospect of never being able 2 touch my face again confused.gif i do have a gf who may kiss me from time 2 time eusa_wall.gif

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Well, you gotta balance out the good with the bad. Mostly Dan is referring to picking, touching, feeling around for more zits, rubbing, etc. when he talks about not touching your skin. Now, does that mean your gf can't kiss you? Well, no, you gotta have a life of course!

Just try to get out of some of the nasty habits acne sufferers tend to get in with the constant feeling around and picking and such, learn to keep your HANDS away from your face all day long, except of course when you are doing your washing and treatment regimen.

And enjoy your girlfriend, but again, you don't want her constantly feeling all over your face, but heck, kissing seems okay to me. After all, what good is it to have clear skin if you can't enjoy it!

Good luck.

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Basically I don't touch my skin at all during the day. The only time I really am handling my skin is when I do the regimen, and it's very gently, as gentle as you can so irritation is pretty much gone, because when you apply the BP your there for a few minutes you don't want to be rough with your skin in any way.

Oh yeah, don't worry about your girlfriend kissing you man, jesus christ. Live your life. Just don't pick or scratch or rest your face in your hands and that sort of stuff.

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