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need advice lease!!!!IMPORTANT!

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hey evrery one, i have commented on this in my log but thought id get more advice in this forum. Well it all began when i noticed a big spot erupting on my right cheek which i was determined not to pick(thsi is my downfall). anyway it didnt last long and when the spot came to a head i couldn't resist. but im usless and ended up making a mess of it.

anyway that evening i decided to apply bp as usuall on my face but applied extra to the region i had picked on my right cheek. it was fine untill i woke up the next morning and nearly fainted from shock.

the spot and the whole area around it was bright red as though it was burnt and there was a huge scab on the spot! i didnt know why it had gone like this! anyway i decided it was best to lay offf the bp untill this region had calmed down. after 2days the redness had reduced but the skin was extremley dry around the spot. the day after this the skin peeled off! like the whole layer of skin around this spot peeled away from my face! so now im left with a pinkish ring around a still funny looking spot on mu cheek. the skin underneath looks like new skin!

what did i do? and will this go away or have i scarred my skin. it looks like a burn! i hope it goes its really getting me down. can any one suggest why this happened and what i can do to treat it now?

i know its my own fault for picking but i think i have scarred my skin really badly coz the scab on the spot has come off but there is a odd mark where it was. i think it must be coz i burnt it!

any advice or suggestions would be great coz at the mo i just dnt know what to do! thanx cry.gif

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I would guess this is a direct result of using too much bp too fast on that one area. BP can really redden and dry the skin which is why you need to build up the amount you use slowly. Your skin will return to normal as far as the pinkness goes. As far as the actual zit goes and the scab that remains, only time will tell.

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