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redness, dryness, hmmm

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hey there, any 1 else make the same mistake as me, i know its only early days as ive only been on bp for three days and only started the regimen last night, however, the chemist gave me bp wen i asked what i could get in replace of the antibiotics i had been using, she didnt tell me the whole drying thing, well she said it would dry out but i didnt realise this much, i was skeptical 2 as usually moisturisers on my face cause more break outs, any way, i used the bp for 2 days without moisturiser and the corners of my eyes are basically sun burnt and next 2 my mouth is horribly dry, just generally my face is scaly, its ok once i get into the day a bit and my skin wakes up but this morning it was hell, plus 2 moz i have a nine oclock lecture so i cant just hide my aquaman face, ive put a hell of a lot of moisturiser on 2 day so it feels a bit better, still feels a bit burnt tho, just wondering wether i should just carry on and hope it dies down, go easy on it 2 nite and moisturise like hell, accept that its skin hardening or what, also does the moisturiser not take any of the bp off once its on or does it soak directly into the skin where the moisturiser wont dilute it????

also i do have bp 10% as thats all the chemist has and i dnt have a solo card or n e thing so i cant order dans, and for my twentieth question does n e one know if oxy face wash is ok as ur preparation???? i know its oil and alcohol free

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no idea bout oxy but just moisturize a lot a lot a lot. do it every three hours if you need to. you need sunblock too cuz the bp would make your skin more susceptible to all the UV rays. get a moisturizer with min spf15 if possible. or if you want, you can have 2 different products.

if your face is burning and flaking really bad, you might want to temporarily do a night-only bp regimen and keep everything else the same (w/o the bp, of course) in the morning.

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