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hey, just a quick note 2 all u guys using zineryt, not sure wether this has been put up here before but then ive only had a glance, and its not just 2 worry the guys who its working for, i used zineryt for about six months, that stuffs awesome, basically the next day after using it my face began clearing and after it had cleared completely it stuck like that for that past six months, really really works, i had normal skin for all that time, u know the type u see on other guys wen ur walking past and u hate them for it hehe, n e way a recently its stopped working, the stuffs an antibiotic so once ur skin builds up a resistance 2 it ur knackered, apparantly u need 2 wait a month or so 2 give ur skin a break before its effective again, now, im a normal guy, the come down from normal skin 2 square 1 again is terrible,uv just had ages of beautiful skin and now this, how gay, all im saying is as soon as u notice ur starting 2 get spotty again, even slightly u may want 2 start looking at other options to last that month at least, a month of spots is not something u really wana be looking forward 2, i started 2 notice myself getting spotty weeks ago but obviouslyi thought nothing of it, seeing as every 1 gets spots from time 2 time, even with zineryt, but a few days ago all hell broke loose and i realised this must be the resistance kicking in, at the moment im giving benzoyl peroxide a try, also im not sure how long zineryt is effective for after that break, if n e 1 knows could they please tell me, cos i dont really want a week spotless followed by a months break again constantly. so yeh, zineryt, change ur life defo, but be careful cos itll take different times for different peoples skins 2 get resistant, i kno 1 girl on here said shes been on it for years, not sure bout that, maybe shes grown out of spots or something, any way just watch out for the resistance, think we should all be learning fom other peoples experiences, cheers guys, hope thats helpful and not 2 worrying, ya never know you may last years on it as well,

giving the regimen a go at the moment, luckily i didnt give the spots a chance 2 settle in completely again after the zineryt so hopefully this will stop them coming bak completely, hopefully, any 1 else had this experience??? cos im only on day 3 of the regimen, it seems 2 have stopped spot development but its 2 early 2 tell i think

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I had the exact same experience. I was prescribed Zineryt at the end of 2003 and within about a week, my skin had cleared up almost completely...all my friends kept complimenting me on it and I felt great! But within a year, the spots had started coming back. At first it was just one every now and again, but then they ended up exactly the same as before, despite me still applying the same amount. So I stopped applying it as I didn't see the point and didn't use it for about 4 or 5 months. I began using it again but it still doesn't work. I've completely given up with it now as every time I try using it again, it doesn't seem to make any difference. Obviously, it might not be the same for everyone and it might just be me that's unlucky..but on the whole I think it's a brilliant temporary solution for acne but doesn't seem to work as a permanant cure.

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