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Anyone heard of or tried this??

I first found of it on this site:


If you scroll down you will see a patient who had this treatment.

The photo doesn't look tampered with at all. HOWEVER, the "after" picture could actually be a BEFORE photo lol.

I then found this site which explains more about it


I have brown skin, and many other ppl with brown spots have brown skin too. Supposedly this is good for that skin color.

With the second link- check out the before and after photos at the bottom.

The last girls photo is similar to my face but mine isn't that nasty. Her photo looks kind of touched up..or amazing results. I want to try this.

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I'm googling for everyday people like us who have tried this. Here are some things I'm finding. Not sure if there are many people on this board struggling with brown marks but i'm sure many reading are.


"Hi guys.

Well, I too have had freckles since a young age (I'm now 25). And I have certainly hated them. One of the worst things is that I have never really been able to enjoy outdoor sports, going to the beach, etc. Because I am always so conscious about the sun making my freckles darker (regardless of how much sunscreen I slathered on). It makes me feel so ugly! And all of you out there realise how little it helps to be told that they're not, and to feel good about yourself and your freckles. I've tried the home remedies, and the over the counter stuff like eventone, dermabrite, etc.. Without all that much success.

Well, anyway, for those of you who are really serious about getting rid of your freckles... I have done a lot of research on the matter, and had gone as far as considering laser, IPL, etc... Also spent a lot of time looking on boards re: Melasma (also a pigment problem) to see what was out there. I was especially worried about trying anything that might make them worse later (I have since heard that IPL may work short-term to remove freckles, but then you freckle easier & they can come back worse), and didn't really want something that made you more sun-sensitive. I eventually decided to try cosmelan (do a search and you will find it), as most evidence seems to suggest it doesn't make things worse in the long run. AND it is supposed to not be photo-sensitive, and the makers suggest you should even be able to enjoy the sun without the pigment coming back while you are using it.

Well, I have been using it for just over 2 weeks now, and there is a vast improvement. I am so much happier with my skin tone. I am even happy to go out without makeup without feeling my skin is ugly. I haven't had the opportunity (or been game to try) spending a day of sun-filled fun to see if the freckles stay away as promised though.

Keep in mind this is not for the faint hearted. It is very expensive (especially for a cream), though not as expensive as laser or IPL. The "recommended" treatment involves a mask (which needs to be applied by a professional) and then a Cosmelan 2 cream. I just got the cream (which you can buy on the internet if need be). The mask sounds pretty heavy duty, and the cost of it (plus the cost of having a professional involved), is more than I was willing to pay. Anyway, I have been happy with the results of just the cream. Even so, even while I didn't have any side effects from just the C2 cream, it seems a lot of people (especially fair people) go very red (like extreme sun burn) and flake & peel. In the short term (week or so I think?) going out in public could be quite embarrassing. I have been lucky. Also, I hear in some cases it can cause spider veins, most likely due to the skin being fragile & sustaining trauma, so even you itch (from the peeling) make sure you don't scratch your face, and you are supposed to use a vitamin K cream to help that kind of thing (I'm not)."

taken from- http://www.partypop.com/Forums/Weddings/m97338.htm

I'll edit upon finding more to post.

The ugly.. wacko.gif

"Hi all,

Don't waste your money. It did not work on me and my husband. I use it for 4 weeks with C2 before C1 done by medspa. I had checked with other clients in waiting room, 6 out of 8 said they want thier money back!!!

What is happening here. All got cheated professionally.Wake up, please... "

Ha ha still want to try though

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Not sure if you've seen this already but bontif gave a link to this thread about amelan which also discusses cosmelan: http://skincarerx.com/rosacea/read.php?f=4&t=21152&a=1 You can click on the newer board from there too and read other peoples experience with it under melasma. I didn’t look too far into it though some initial responses seem quite pleased, but I stumbled upon a post somewhere where some users said initially they got decent results and had raved about it at first, then 6 months later or so things got worse, but I couldn’t find it again.

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